Professional plumbers are important for emergencies

Professional and Local Plumbing: Is it important?

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | March 15, 2018

A homeowner was greeted to this a few a weeks ago and decided to call a local and professional plumber. He called dispatch and no one came. So what happened? This was his update to the situation: Despite several calls to the Dispatch, no plumber called us throughout the night. I just got a really…

Museum of… Plumbing?!

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | March 12, 2018

In the 1950s, Charles Manoog began collecting antique commodes, claw-foot tubs, ornate sinks, and other plumbing items. In 1979, his son Russell established the American Sanitary Plumbing Museum for these items in Worcester, Massachusetts. After their retirement, Russell and his wife Bettejane went in search of a family organization to carry on the stewardship of…

Neighborhood plumbers: What you need to know

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | March 9, 2018

When it comes to a plumbing you may be wondering if you should call a local plumber or a chain. Chains and franchises offer a great opportunity for uniformity (you get the same thing everywhere you go) but often come at a price (quality varies greatly and is more difficult to sustain at higher levels).…

Local Plumber Near Me

Telling google “Plumber near me”? We’re here for you!

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | March 5, 2018

Ever asked yourself that? Or more specifically, asked Google or Bing or Alexa “I need a plumber near me”? If so, then chances are – you are in a bind. And few things are worse than having plumbing problems all of a sudden if you are a tenant, a homeowner, a building manager or business…

What are the advantages of having a local plumber like Local Service Pro Plumbing?

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | March 1, 2018

Local Service Pro Plumbing is absolutely proud to be considered a local plumber for many residents here in the greater Los Angeles area. As a plumbing company that is near you – you get plenty of benefits when it comes having us as your local neighborhood plumbers! Ready We’re ready at a moment’s notice. As…

Plumbing tips for your next party to avoid emergencies!

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | February 27, 2018

Parties come and go but sometimes what’s left behind is more than a mess… It’s a plumbing emergency waiting to happen! The thing about plumbing emergencies is that when they come… how it happened no longer matters. You’re focused on getting out of the emergency and not so much as to how you got  into…

Plumbing, pipes and Reddit

Reddit on some of their best local plumbing tips on pipes, flushing and video games

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | February 21, 2018

Reddit, Pipes and Plumbing Popular social media site Reddit is a massive community of people from all walks of life. About a year ago they had a famous askReddit thread dealing with some local plumbing tips from their users and talked on everything from pipes to flushing to video games. Here are five of our…

How to Prepare for your Local Neighborhood Plumber’s visit!

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | February 19, 2018

While you can’t prepare for a plumbing emergency, you can definitely prepare for your local neighborhood plumber before they come a knocking! Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your local neighborhood plumber’s next visit! Prepare Your Motive It sounds easy to say, “My bathroom is clogged!” or “My sink is overflowing!”…

A plumber in the winter Olympics in 2018?

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | February 12, 2018

Jonathan Cheever is a snowboarder by winter but his day job happens to be as journeyman plumber by summer! Cheever mixes his snowboarding talent like it’s plumber’s putty, shredding park, pipe and the snowboardcross course. While all of his major results have come from SBX, he’s known for big airs in the halfpipe and credits…

Is it true that Costco Toilet Paper is bad for your plumbing and pipes?

By Local Service Pro Plumbing | February 7, 2018

Plumbing, Toilet Paper and Costco Did you read that Facebook post from a few days ago concerning pipes, clogging and toilet paper? Here is the post from this so-called plumbing “expert” If you use Costco toilet paper then please read this! In addition to the burst pipe, we also found out that there was an…