Water Heater Repair & Installation

Local Service Pros Plumbing from your Local Neighborhood Plumber are on hand to service your water heater needs. Whether you’re in need of installing a unit you just bought at the hardware store or are in need of repairing an old one that isn’t heating your running water properly.

Our team of technicians can take on any issues regarding the heating of the water in your home. We also have units on sale at an affordable price that can be quickly installed by our team. When we install or repair your system, we ensure that all of the lines between your heating unit and system are running at optimum performance– meaning no leaks, bad parts or inefficient settings. We’ll make sure that both the gas and water is flowing in and out at the most efficient way possible and in a way that maximizes the comfort at the user-end. When at your home or business, we’re happy to share our expert advice in how to operate your system more efficiently in a way that will save you money on your utility bill as well as prevent future repairs.

We have a working knowledge of all types of heaters– tankless and traditional, and we are able to install most units. We can even help transition you from one to another. You can talk to us about which type of heater might be right for you– we’ll be happy to take you through all of the details.


Water Heater Repair across the Valley and Greater Los Angeles

Your Local Neighborhood Plumber can service all homes and businesses across the region with their water heating needs. We can consult with you on all of the options at your disposal for meeting your energy and water conservation needs, as well as providing the best comfort for your home.

Aside from water heaters, we can service the gas and water lines in your pools and jacuzzies and other major appliances.