Water Conservation Tips


Water Conservation Tips

Water conservation tips may not be what you are looking for. But the truth is that we’re all in the same boat here in Los Angeles – dealing with the tough realities of a long drought. There are simple, practical things we can all do to conserve water, such as cutting down on watering days, not leaving the sink running and taking shorter showers, etc.

It’s true what a lot of the local public officials are saying: “Every Drop Counts”. Don’t leave your shower running just to heat it up, and turn off your faucet while you are brushing your teeth until it’s time to rinse.

For the more technical water conservation tips, we fancy ourselves as experts on the matter. Did you know that close to ten gallons per household, on average is lost to leaks? That amounts to well over 10 percent of your water bill! Also, homeowners should look into upgrading to energy-efficient “Energy Star” appliances, these don’t waste water (or electricity) as much as their older counterparts. Also, you should adjust the settings on your washer so that it is appropriate for the amount of clothes you are putting in– this will save you many, many gallons per month in water.

There are many little things that can be done to the inner workings of a building’s water pipes that can go a long way in conserving water and saving folks money on their utility bills. Multiple leaks can make for a big waste, debris inside your pipe can make your water usage less efficient and improper water pressure can not only be wasteful, but can actually damage your piping.

You can also optimize and upgrade the heads of your shower heads and faucets to adequately transfer pressure to a more desirable level as well as prevent those little drops of water that can have quite a residual effect on how much water you waste and how much you get billed each month. These are little fixes though. Here are 6 water conservation tips that will make a massive difference in your water consumption.


The water conservation tip is basic: leaks are the enemy of water conservation. Leaks across your home’s pipe or faucet system can be a factor in your efforts to reduce water bills. Anything from faucets to showerheads can produce small leaks that add up over time. Other leaks may not be visible to the common eye, and if that is the case, then you need to call your local plumbing pro to come and do a leak detection service to ensure that there are no inner-system leaks.

Hungry, Hungry, Plants!

You may wonder what plants have to do with water conservation tips. But the truth is that plants and gardens can be massive water consumers. Los Angeles is simply not the ideal habitat for most plants and gardens. Not wanting your home’s appearance to fall into disarray, taking care of your plants and gardens is a common desire. But the truth is that most plants require too much water. Some gardens demand too much water. Some habits regarding gardening consume too much water too! A visit to your local green thumb guru at a local shop can be an informative one that can lead to water bill savings.

Speaking of Habits and Water Conservation Tips

Long showers, running faucets during brushing, and excessive hosing will definitely affect your water bill. This water conservation tip deals directly with you! Do you leave the faucet while you brush? Do you leave the shower running while you get ready to get in or while scrubbing and cleaning yourself? While it may seem like the natural thing to do, most people who are water conscious do not do any of these things. Why? Because excessive water use leads to higher bills and more stress on our already fragile water systems. The next time you feel like jumping into the therapy of hosing down your driveway, think twice about that water bill that’s creeping around the corner.

Water Pressure and Power

There’s nothing like a nice shower with water pouring down strong enough to feel like a massage! The truth is though, that if you want to save money on your water bill you need to change some habits as well as expectations. Reducing the flow of your toilets, reducing the power and pressure of your faucets and shower can go a long way in saving money at the end of the month. It may take some adjusting and adapting, but this water conservation tip can go a long way in reduce water consumption.

Investment Water Conservation Tip: New Fixtures

Sometimes simply changing your fixtures can save you money over time. It may hurt your wallet a little bit in the beginning but over time your savings will add up. Dual flush toilets (low and high pressure), better faucets with pressure control, showers with different modes to be used as needed and higher quality hoses can all help in your efforts to conserve water.

Shower Once a Week

Okay, this water conservation tip is in jest! But controlling the number of showers you and your family have on a daily basis and how long they last can definitely help. Time goes by pretty fast in the shower, especially if you are singing tunes. Long, frequent showers can lead to much higher consumption and bigger bills! Using an app or notepad to keep track of how often and how long can really help in getting everyone line with water conservation! If you want more tips, stay tuned to our blog or head over to water.ca.gov to learn more!