Water Conservation Tips

We’re all in the same boat here in California– dealing with the tough realities of a long drought. There are simple, practical things we can all do to conserve water, such as cutting down on watering days, not leaving the sink running and taking shorter showers, etc.

It’s true what a lot of the local public officials are saying: “Every Drop Counts”. Don’t leave your shower running just to heat it up, and turn off your faucet while you are brushing your teeth until it’s time to rinse.

For the more technical aspects of water conservation, we fancy ourselves as experts on the matter. Did you know that close to ten gallons per household, on average is lost to leaks? That amounts to well over 10 percent of your water bill! Also, homeowners should look into upgrading to energy-efficient “Energy Star” appliances, these don’t waste water (or electricity) as much as their older counterparts. Also, you should adjust the settings on your washer so that it is appropriate for the amount of clothes you are putting in– this will save you many, many gallons per month in water.

There are many little things that can be done to the inner workings of a building’s water pipes that can go a long way in conserving water and saving folks money on their utility bills. Multiple leaks can make for a big waste, debris inside your pipe can make your water usage less efficient and improper water pressure can not only be wasteful, but can actually damage your piping.

You can also optimize and upgrade the heads of your shower heads and faucets to adequately transfer pressure to a more desirable level as well as prevent those little drops of water that can have quite a residual effect on how much water you waste and how much you get billed each month. Contact your Local Neighborhood Plumber, and we’ll be more than happy to share our expertise on how you can become more efficient with your water use.