Re-Pipes /Pipes Replacement

Your Local Neighborhood Plumber can properly diagnose which of your property’s pipes are in need of replacement. We also provide full-repiping at competitive rates, using non-invasive methods designed to be more direct and efficient.

The best repipes are copper repipes because copper lasts the longest in your home and doesn’t corrode like plastic or lead pipes.

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Current events like those in Flint, Michigan have shown the nasty effects that corrosion can have on lead piping, which are still in very wide use because many older buildings were constructed with lead and ceramic pipes. Corrosion and wear from these kind of pipes can lead to bursts, leaks, and worse yet, lead poisoning if you drink the water. This is why it’s highly important to get lead piping inspected with waterproof cameras to detect corrosion or damage.

Our technicians of your local neighborhood plumber are well-stocked with durable, safe and non-corrosive piping materials that can fit your home’s repair or replacement needs. Aside from our cured in place pipes, we are also well stocked with piping and jointing of high-quality replacement parts that can fit just about any building’s system.

Re-piping Services in the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles

When a service professional from Your Local Neighborhood Plumber is dispatched to your home or business, the technician will draft a well-laid-out plan of action that will provide you with several alternatives as to how to take on your installation or replacement.

Each home and business is unique, and your Local Neighborhood Plumber is at your service to provide you with honest estimates on your re-piping project– we provide you with all of the necessary information so that you can properly weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

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