Santa Monica

Local Service Pro Plumbing: Santa Monica

Local Service Pro Plumbing is glad to be able to serve the city of Santa Monica. Santa Monica is most well known for the famous Santa Monica pier and for the shopping at the Third Street Promenade near Wilshire Blvd. However, Santa Monica is more than seagulls and high-end clothing stores. Santa Monica has a history of grassroots surfing and skating movements that started back in the 1970s. Since that time, Santa Monica has been a tenuous mix of bohemian counter-culture and upscale wealthy elites. Both Google and Yahoo have called Santa Monica and nearby Venice home, bringing more fame and complexity to the city. Whether you want beautiful beach weather, excellent skating opportunities, or a nice new blouse, Santa Monica is likely to have it all.

Why You Should Go Local with Local Service Pro Plumbing

You can’t go wrong with a plumber that has plenty of experience. Over at Local Service Pro Plumbing, we have over 150 years of experience—when you put us all together! This means that we’ve learned how to solve all sorts of issues, and seen every problem in the book. That also means that we have a much better chance of being able to meet your plumbing needs. We also have a great history with Santa Monica and the surrounding area. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) has even recognized us with an A in customer service! They aren’t the only ones. Feel free to check out our review sites, such as Yelp and Google, to see our 5-star reviews. We love serving our city, and we love being your local plumber. Allow us to serve you today. We offer emergency plumbing services, repairs, cleaning, and more. We even offer financing. Ask about our HERO and YGrene partnerships for more information on how you can start affording your repairs today.

Services Offered at Local Service Pro Plumbing

We offer a large variety of services. Because we’ve seen it all, we can just about fix it all! Call us for your clogged up drain or your dried up washing machine. Ask about your kaput sprinkler or sludgy pipe. We offer repair, cleaning, maintenance, inspections, and more. Be sure to check out our special drain inspection service, where we use a specialized drain camera to get a visual on the exact issue you’re having. Also ask about our unique trenchless pipe relining. Using this new technology, we can fix your broken, leaking, or corroded pipes. And, believe it or not, we can do it without having to dig up your whole pipe system! Instead, we access just one pipe and use an amazing solution to get the other ones fixed. Want to know how? Just give us a call!