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Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection

Local Service Pro Plumbing is equipped with a specialized fiber optic camera that can be placed down into your drain and sewer lines to identify problem areas before any digging or stripping is necessary, helping save you money and time.

Our camera is long, flexible, and is often a very cost-efficient way to detect leaks. The cable is inserted through an access point and provides our service professionals with a high-resolution view of the inside of your pipes.

In many instances, realtors selling homes as well as regulatory officials use this same fiber-optic method to ensure that piping and sewage is up to code. A long, flexible fiber optic wire can provide an image to our technician stretching as far as several hundred feet down your lines.

It’s not uncommon that somewhere behind your walls or under concrete or in an out-of-sight area of your home there could be leaks that not only hurt your water efficiency but could lead to much more costly home repairs due to structural damage, rotting or molding.

Our company offers discounts that can save you money on leak detection as well as repairs. Using our advanced technology, specifically fiber-optic cameras, we can find the exact spot where you need repairs and offer you a competitive, honest quote on how much the work will cost you. We never try to pile-up a dramatic project just to charge more– we work with home and business owners on all of the options they have so they can make a well-informed decision that will save you money.

When inspecting your plumbing lines with our cameras, we welcome our customers to view your piping along with us and we’re happy to provide a copy of our findings for your records.