Trenchless Sewer Repair & Cleaning

Gone are the days of massive trench digging, heavy machinery and wrecked home gardens due to sewer repairs that were by-and-large, not cost-efficient. With trench digging methods, property owners often incurred massive bills resulting from city permits and potential re-directing of traffic on their street front.

We at Local Service Pro Plumbing have the tools and the know-how to service trenchless repair and cleaning, as well as traditional methods. Since every property’s lining is unique, we’re happy to weigh all options with you on what’s the best solution.

If you have a problem with sewer lining or have had a sewer pipe burst, Your Local Neighborhood Plumber can, identify the problem areas in your sewer system and get down to it directly through our advanced trenchless method. First, we inspect your sewer lines through an access point using our high-resolution waterproof cameras. Then, if we identify the problem spots, we can give you a straightforward estimate as to whether you may need replacement, cleaning or repair. We’re straight-shooters and we’ll never suggest any work that won’t benefit you.

We clean sewers without trenches using our high-end hydro-jetting machines that wash out debris and buildup with high water pressure, leaving your sewer line as clean as the day it was put in. Doing this as a form of maintenance can go a long way in preventing larger issues from arising, often prompting higher-cost repairs. We can also use this method to clear out full blockages.

If we need to replace your sewer pipes, we often use the trenchless method that will create a new, sturdy, joint-less pipe that will save you the trouble of overhead costs related to digging massive trenches across your front or backyard.

If you're in L.A. or SFV, we’ll come service you quickly!

Your Local Neighborhood Plumber is standing by to fill all of your repair and cleaning needs. We also provide many other services beyond the scope of trenchless repair and sewer cleaning.