Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks are commonly unnoticed by homeowners until major damage has already been done to either your home’s frame or structural foundation. Slabs are located below your home, usually under concrete. Furthermore, buildup of mildew and bacteria as a result from a slab leak can make for a health concern for your family and the greater public.

If we detect a slab leak under your home, Your Local Neighborhood Plumber will take you through all of the options at your disposal to correct the problem in a way that works for you, specifically. Our technicians are able to close leaks or replace pipes altogether, depending on each case.

Common causes to slab leaks are bad reactions to your structure’s piping with concrete, reaction with copper and drinking water pressure, and also bad design or defective materials being used during system installation.

If you hear running water when all faucets are turned off, notice unusual moisture and dampness on your floor, or see corrosion and mildew in your home, it could be you are experiencing a leak in your slab.

It’s important to address this issue right away before any further damage can be done to your piping or your home’s structure. A slab leak is a hot bed for unhealthful bacteria that can have a negative effect on you and your family, employees and customers.

Most repairs and replacements take usually about two days after the leak location is properly identified. Common fixes include our non-invasive, no-dig technique using our epoxy piping installation through access points. Also, digging straight down to the source of the problem can be the most viable option. It’s important to get a qualified technician to properly diagnose the problem and best angle of attack.

Your Local Neighborhood Plumber is standing by around the clock to service your needs regarding slab leaks and other plumbing issues. We’re glad to be of service.