No Dig Relining

Relining Process

We use the most technologically-advanced methods in the industry for no-dig re-lining, using “Cured in Place Piping” (CIPP). These methods are designed to get right to the problem without digging around or drilling through concrete to reach your sewer lines and piping.

The way it works is that after finding your problem area and properly diagnosing it, we develop the proper thickness for replacement using a resin and epoxy lining that is put into your pipes and transported to the repair area through steam or hot water. We can then view via our special-purpose cameras whether the problem has been fixed. We can then adjust the repair area or thickness accordingly.

These methods save homeowners money because there is no need to dig through yards or drill through cement on your property. Also, the material we use is proven to extend the lifespan of your current pipes and saves a considerable amount of money on replacement pipes.

Since the technology was introduced by Eric Wood in the early 70’s, it has been refined to be less invasive and requires less major projects, meaning the trenchless method is as cost-efficient as ever.

Using a resin felt tube impregnated through pipes, we’re able to replace old and damaged lines. This kind of pipe-lining is wear-resistant and can last a minimum of 50 years. Technology has evolved that technicians are now able to place pipes that are angled at 90 degrees.

The new piping can often be inserted through a basement drain, cleanout or another practical access point.

The method is ideal because there is no host-pipe necessary– a new trenchless line can be stand-alone and are practical applications for pipes ranging from 2″-12″. We are able to install this kind of piping both underground and behind walls. It can be used to replace clay, asbestos pipes, roof drains, PVC.