Hydro Jetting


Hydro Jetting

Your Local Neighborhood plumber is equipped with some of the best pipe-clearing equipment in the industry. We utilize industrial-grade hydro-jetting machines. Hydro-Jetting is a highly-specialized, high-pressure method that uses water hoses fed through a tank that shoots at 360-degree angles in order to remove all blockages– whether it be a build-up, foreign objects, soil– just about any other thing you can think of.

Utilizing pressures of about 4000 pounds-per-square-inch, hydro-jetting is a go-to tool for many industry professionals. They are powerful enough to even clear tree roots from your sewer lines. Proper diagnosis of blockages are usually done through cameras being inserted into your plumbing system’s pipes. Often times, hydro jetting can be even more effective than a snake at clearing pipes because of the radius at which it cleans, whereas a snake could sometimes clear pipes in a narrower, straight line.

We use top of the line hydro-jetters, an excellent top-quality and safe brand for performing your system’s cleaning.

Why is it so Important?

Hydro Jetting is one of the many options available for cleaning out your clogged up drains and sewage lines. A plumbing company will come out with a hydro jetting machine to shoot high pressure water, easily over 4,000 PSI, to clear any obstructions and/or blockages in your drains and sewage lines.

The process is fairly simple and typically involves 3 steps. First, we will run a snake in you line or drains to clear out as much as possible so that we can, as a second step, run a video camera down there to inspect the situation. The camera feed will tell, for the most part, all that we need to know to evaluate it and then run our hydro jetting machine accurately. That being said, if your pipes are broken, it may further aggravate the situation and even break your pipes in some rare cases. This is why we ALWAYS run a camera through your line and pipes to ensure that we fix the problem accurately and not cause any further damage.

If you have a clogging or blockages caused by grease in your system, in the case of a restaurant for instance, or by supposed ‘flushable’ wipes and other debris, you’ll know immediately you need professional help when common household fixes do not work any longer. Your drains and sewage lines are much like your arteries, if they clog – bad things can happen. Typically the problem is felt with a build up of issues (slow drains, backed up lines, etc.) but often these issues can aggravate your sewer system very quickly. Good practices, such as avoiding flushing things that build up and do not breakdown, is one of the best ways to prevent these issues. However, inevitably, every home, at one point or another, needs at the very least an inspection.

Tips When Hiring Plumbers for Water Jetting

First and foremost, ensure that the plumber does a proper inspection of your pipes and lines. As we said, skipping this important step can aggravate your issues. Ensure that the equipment being used is industrial grade. Inferior equipment leads to minimal results and more money out of your pocket for future visits by your local plumbers. On that note, verify that the plumber you are working with is licensed and bonded. Most, if not all, plumbing companies are set in that regard but often many DIY plumbers doing someone a favor are not. Believe it or not, you can rent a hydro jetting machine from Home Depot. Why? We don’t know. But losing a finger is just as easy as damaging your pipes if the person isn’t an expert. Even experts make mistakes and that’s where being bonded and insured comes into play.

Hydro-Jetting in a Nutshell

Hydro-jetting is especially important for restaurants who likely have a buildup in their pipes stemming from grease. Your Local Neighborhood Plumber is standing by to help out with restaurants’ plumbing needs around the Valley and Los Angeles.

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It’s important that you not try to take on any hydro-jetting yourself. If you’re not formally trained on how to use the equipment, it can actually be quite dangerous. Due to the high power of the machine, technicians must know the correct pressure settings, and where to use them. The machines are so effective, but if they generate high-pressure in the wrong area, the result could be further damage to your piping, or worse yet, you could get hurt. It would be best to have a trained service professional handle it. Call your Local Neighborhood Plumber and we can assist you. We offer service all throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Our HQ is located in Tarzana and we have service technicians available in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, West Hollywood and many other areas. The next time your drains or lines are backed up or slowing down, contact us for an inspection and we’ll send our highly trained, 5 star service local plumbers to turn that headache into relief.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your plumbing needs. Our reputation on Yelp and Google speaks for itself! We’re proud to have been serving Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley for nearly two decades. Call us today to get more information on our latest specials!