5 Tips to Finding the Best Local Plumber

Finding the best local plumber can be a daunting task. The truth is that options are endless but finding a QUALITY local plumber is the real issue. Here are 5 tips from Local Service Plumbing Pros to finding the best local plumber in your area.

Make Sure They are Actually Local Plumbers

Long gone are the days where local plumbers where everywhere. When we say there are endless options for plumbers, we mean there are endless options for plumbers coming from ANYWHERE. A lot of plumbing companies set up virtual addresses or use ads to target areas they don’t really work in. They then SELL LEADS to other plumbing companies. The problem with this? You add a middleman that increases the cost. You also are dealing with an unknown number of variables that can lead to a terrible customer experience. Make sure they are local!

Reputation Matters When Finding a Local Plumber

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Reputation matters when you are trying to decide who you will choose. Don’t just choose the first one that pops up on Google. Google lists businesses, not in order of quality, but rather using other metrics that mean nothing as far as the local plumbers reputation goes. They could possibly be spending more, have a marketing team to SEO their site, and much, much more. But none of that guarantees that the are local, capable, and a value driven service. Go to Yelp, checkout their google page, look at their website and then call. These steps take seconds, but it’ll save hours and dollars in the long run.

Web Presence Matters with Local Plumbers

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No website? Or maybe they do have a website but its a one pager with little content beyond a bunch of CALL ME NOW buttons? They’re likely not real or reselling your data. A good local plumber will have a nice website with more than one page, social media presence and regular activity online.

Ask Them if They are Local

When you call in, you may want to go into your issue as plumbing issues can often be urgent and pressing. That being said, before you do, ask a few questions that can go a really long way as far as your experience to come goes. Are you actually local? Do you offer guarantees? Do you have any incentives for reviews? A local plumber that cares about his reputation will do everything it can to keep it intact.

Don’t Go for the Cheapest Option

You’ll always find an undercutter in the plumbing world. Don’t just go for the cheapest. Go for the one that checks all the boxes. Decent site, web presence, social media, great reputation, great answering service, easy to reach and more. Many companies will offer very low rates to get into your house and then they mark up their other services. A reputation check will help identify these issues fairly quickly. You get what you pay for and a lower price today could result in more expensive problems later!




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