Common Plumbing Problems & How To Prevent Them!

You never know how much you really need a plumber until your faucet starts dripping or your toilet gets clogged and you seem to run out of options! But, let’s rewind here for a second. Did you know that many plumbing problems can be prevented and fixed in time before needing to call for an emergency plumber at 11 pm? Take a look at these common plumbing problems and how to prevent them!


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Problem #1 Clogged Drain & Toilet

Nothing is as annoying as not being able to go to the bathroom (especially YOUR own bathroom) due to a clogged drain or toilet. How can you tell if it’s backed up? Try to flush your toilet and if water starts backing up, then you have yourself an issue there!

How to Prevent: Normally, these clogs are formed by hair, maybe a shampoo cap, a toy, or something that is hard or even impossible to dissolve with water. Always be aware of when your kids go to the bathroom so nothing unwanted goes down the drain!

When to call us: If you can’t easily remove the blockage yourself, it’s best if you call us instead. Also, if you repeatedly get clogs in the same drain, stop using so much caustic drain cleaners since these can damage pipes over time with regular use. Call us so we  can fix your plumbing problems and to help prevent future clogs without damage to the pipe.


Problem #2 Leaky Faucets & Pipes

Did you know that fixing the leaks in your home could save up to 10 percent on your water bill? A drip per second can easily add up to 3,000 gallons per year, which would be the same as 180 showers! Not only is it annoying to hear the drip drop of a faucet leaking, but it can also make you spend tons of money and waste gallons of water! This is one of the most expensive plumbing problems in the long run!

How to Prevent: Regular use in faucets can cause them to wear and then they tend to leak. Something you can do to help is try to slowly turn on and off the faucets and avoid excessive pressure on the handles. Even though preventing a leaky pipe can be difficult, you can spot the problem early if you have regular inspections. Try to look for moisture or small drips. If you see rusting or white lime, you know you have yourself a potential leak!

When to call us: If you don’t have experience with plumbing, it can be difficult to replace some pipes or fix a bigger leaking issue. Call a professional if you think that the plumbing problems are too big or the mess you can make at home will be large as well!


Problem #3 Water Heater Issue

Letting out a scream when your shower suddenly decides to switch to freezing cold water is certainly not the way we want to start our day! Even though not many associate their water heater to plumbing probems, if you don’t fix it properly, it can be a danger to you and your family! So what can you do to avoid your water heater from going crazy?

How to prevent: Make sure to have a good maintenance on your hot water heater so it can run efficiently and prevent you from burning yourself with hot water or freeze to death with ice cold water! Try to check the pressure valve regularly and flush the tank periodically to remove sediment.

When to call us: There are certain repairs, like relighting the pilot light or adjusting the water heater thermostat that you can do by yourself. But, when it comes to extensive repairs or leaks, it’s best if you call a professional plumber since they are dangerous.


Common Plumbing Problems & How To Prevent Them! Review

Your Local Neighborhood plumber can assist you and your plumbing problems at the drop of the hat! We understand that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time of the day (or night). This is why Local Service Pro Plumbing works day and night to help you with any plumbing emergencies in the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles Area! Contact us today!

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