Plumbing, Toilet Paper and Costco

Did you read that Facebook post from a few days ago concerning pipes, clogging and toilet paper? Here is the post from this so-called plumbing “expert”

If you use Costco toilet paper then please read this!

In addition to the burst pipe, we also found out that there was an issue with our septic tank today.

When the guy looked in our septic tank, he said, ‘You use Costco toilet paper.’ We agreed that we did.

He said it is not biodegradable and does not break down which is why our septic tank was full of white toilet paper that was still intact.

He said even people who are on city services have issues because it clogs the pipe that takes their waste to the city pipe.

Eventually, the sewage will back up into your house.

I hope this helps someone else as it was an expensive lesson for us to learn.

Is this real or is it fake? Well, according to the internet truth crusaders at the answer is… NO! It’s actually not true and is nothing more than another plumbing myth. Here is the original post from back in 2016:

plumbing facebook pipes

Why it suddenly popped out again is a mystery to everybody but as your local plumbing experts we saw it and wanted to address it for your benefit! First of all, how many actual people are affected with this potential plumbing dilemma? Turns out, only about one fifth per this study.

That being said, how much of an issue is it? Well, truth be told – there are no indications that one brand is more problematic over any other brand. Toilet paper, regardless of ply, tends to cause problems more frequently when used in either large amounts, which is a common-sense no-no, or when used on older plumbing. What qualifies as older? Well, a good measurement is the mid-1970s, specifically when dealing with cast-iron pipes. So what’s the problem with cast-iron pipes? The casting wears off and has a tendency towards rust that created bulbous textures that can clog up the pathway, once smooth and straight, to the point of it being rocky and uneven. The bulbs or build-ups facilitate the clogging of paper as it comes in its various amounts. So, is COSTCO the bad guy here? No. Not at all. Good habits and good pipes are all that’s needed. What pipes do you have? If you don’t know or want to know how they are faring before a DISASTER strikes, let us know. As your local neighborhood plumbers, we’re happy to offer inspections and more. Be sure to check out our coupon page for some awesome offers that may help with exactly that!

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