Get your home plumbing summer ready!

Protect Your Property From Serious Summer Plumbing Problems

Summertime is not the time we want to think of home issues. That time of the year is not usually associated with having home problems as is the winter time. During the summer months anything could happen and plumbing issues could be one of those issues. Homeowners can avoid problems by being vigilant and being prepared to protect their homes wi the following tips:

Clogged Disposal

Its cook out time! You invite your friends and neighbors over for a good time, but be aware of how you treat your disposal. It can take a lot of garbage but not mistreatment.

Summer time gives way for good fruits such as watermelons and hard vegetables. Do not share these delicious snacks with your garbage disposal. The hardness could ruin the blades. Lastly, never pour cooking oils down the disposal. It may seem like a good idea because it is a hot liquid at the time but the oils become hard and can clog drains.
Sewer Line Backups

A rain shower is expected every now and again as thew temperatures rise. Watch out and check your sewer pipes. Those nice showers couokd turn in to a nightmare as too much water in the sewer pipes can lead to a back up. Check your trees too as they grow and could cause pipes to crack from their roots.

Washing Machine Maintenance

With the nice weather you may find you must wash clothes more often. This work out for your washing machine can be too much stress. Stay home while washing clothes so you can keep an eye and ear on your washing machine. You can tend to such a matter quickly and efficiently if you are present.

Clogged Toilets

How many times will your kids go to the toilet now that they are home from school? Show your children how to use moderate amounts of toilet tissue and to only flush when they have actually used the toilet. Is can cut down on clogging. Many clogs are easily remedied with a plunger. For additional issues it is best to call in a professional.

Sprinkler Issues

The sound and feel of the sprinklers is pleasant and you know that the grass is growing. If the sprinklers are embedded in your lawn you must clean and inspect tube heads. Be careful of the sprinklers when mowing too.

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