Plumbing Emergency: What is it?

Have you ever had that uncomfortable moment when you try to flush the toilet but the water just fills up and spills all over your bathroom floor? If you have gone through that, you know how stressful plumbing problems can be. But not everything is a plumbing emergency. Somethings you can check out beforehand and…

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Museum of… Plumbing?!

In the 1950s, Charles Manoog began collecting antique commodes, claw-foot tubs, ornate sinks, and other plumbing items. In 1979, his son Russell established the American Sanitary Plumbing Museum for these items in Worcester, Massachusetts. After their retirement, Russell and his wife Bettejane went in search of a family organization to carry on the stewardship of…

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Neighborhood plumbers: What you need to know

Neighborhood plumbers: What you need to know Blog Cover

When it comes to a plumbing you may be wondering if you should call a local plumber or a chain. Chains and franchises offer a great opportunity for uniformity (you get the same thing everywhere you go) but often come at a price (quality varies greatly and is more difficult to sustain at higher levels).…

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