Local and Professional Plumbing: Is it important?

A homeowner was greeted to this a few a weeks ago and decided to call a local and professional plumbing service. He called dispatch and no one came.  A very common story in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and any other major city.

Redditor finds plumbing nightmare and no professional help available

Redditor finds plumbing nightmare and no professional help available

So what happened? This was his update to the situation:

Despite several calls to the Dispatch, no plumber called us throughout the night. I just got a really gruff call from am unknown person asking me to text them a picture. No apology. No reply yet. Unbelievably bad service. I’m off to Lowes/Home Depot to see if they have the fittings suggested below.

Imagine if this were you! The best time to know what plumber you are going to use is before the emergency comes. Last minute research can lead to some sticky situations. Remember, some plumbing issues are time sensitive and either require immediate attention from a professional and/or require you to maintain the situation to the best of your abilities while they arrive. If this were a medical emergency, do you know what number to call? If this were a breaking or a burglary, do you know that number? (It’s pretty easy right? 9-1-1 Just in case)  Of course you do. You know it because those seconds  are vital and I’m sure you can agree with us in that plumbing emergencies require the same attention. Mark down our number and keep it handy  because after the call and receiving and response the main issue becomes professionalism.

Why You Need Professional Plumbing

It’s tempting, in this day and age of digital media, to go to YouTube and try to DIY your plumbing problem yourself. Professional plumbing can be expensive and isn’t always readily available. Plus you have to verify quality, reputation and availability. That being said, doing it yourself might be more expensive in the long run for various reasons. Here’s why.

Your Reputation Sucks

No disrespect! But you can’t compare doing something on the side as opposed to people who do it every single day. Looking up a professional plumber should start with looking them up on Google and Yelp. Is their website nice? Do they have good reviews (there will ALWAYS be bad reviews)? Do they have a professional answering service? Guess what? If they don’t answer your call, they likely won’t make their appointment on time or at all!

You Are Not Bonded or Insured

No one is perfect. Even the best professional plumbing service on the planet has made a mistake or two. But the difference between an actual plumber and you doing it really comes to light AFTER the error. A professional plumbing service will be licensed, insured and bonded. Meaning that extra damage will be covered by them and not by you. If you, for example, hydro jet your main line and break it because you didn’t do a proper inspection before hand… well, we hope you have at least $20,000 sitting around somewhere because that’s the minimum you’ll spend in fixing your issue.

It’s Likely More Expensive to Not Use a Professional Plumbing Service

Here is how not using a professional plumber can be more expensive for you. You may fix the issue but in reality its a band-aid on a gunshot wound. Over time, the issue may become significantly greater and even damage your furniture and other parts of your home. You may aggravate the issue by not diagnosing the problem correctly. Some lines are fragile and need of replacement, some are okay but the wrong pressure can destroy them, in other events you may overlook something as serious as roots posing a significant risk to your system. Over time, the chances of it being more expensive for you increases.

Getting in touch with a plumber can be difficult which is why we work very hard to be that type of company. But finding a plumber who is both polite and professional? That can also be a challenge and not something you want to leave for the last minute. Whatever you decide, it’s our sincerest hope that you count on us. Not only do we have the many decades of experience you can find behind our excellent staff... but we also like to consider ourselves as YOUR local plumbing solution. We have technicians all over Los Angeles. We cover Pasadena all the way to Beverly Hills and everything in the San Fernando Valley all the way to West Hollywood. We hire local, professional plumbers who have the experience needed to live up to our decades long reputation. We also have incredible deals that start at $79 for an inspection. The investment is minimal when you consider what you can save in the long run. For nearly two decades our family owned business has helped families all over the great Los Angeles area. And we hope that you are next! We bring punctuality, professionalism and politeness to every job! You can check our reviews and excellent feedback here. And our contact information on this page as well.

We offer our plumbing services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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