Museum of… Plumbing?!

In the 1950s, Charles Manoog began collecting antique commodes, claw-foot tubs, ornate sinks, and other plumbing items. In 1979, his son Russell established the American Sanitary Plumbing Museum for these items in Worcester, Massachusetts. After their retirement, Russell and his wife Bettejane went in search of a family organization to carry on the stewardship of the museum.

 The Plumbing Museum has been in Watertown for a decade. It is a system of pipes and tanks that are often thought about only when they are not working. Plumbing is a critical component of modern life that can be taken for granted but there is one place in Watertown where it is not only acknowledged, it is celebrated. The Plumbing Museum has been part of Watertown for a decade.John Cannistraro Jr., president of J.C. Cannistraro—a firm that specializes in plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection—brought the collection to Watertown to its current location at 80 Rosedale Road. The 1880s building was once an ice house, and was previously rented out as office space. J.C. Cannistraro employs 200 people in Watertown and 800 company-wide. Today The Plumbing Museum has roughly 1,000 visitors annually, including area vocational tech high school students interested in the plumbing trade.

Plumbing has been a massive part of America’s history, especially as it developed into the country it is today. Where there are people, there is plumbing. And as the years pass, the need rises and rises. We’re absolutely proud to not only partake in this necessary trade but to also keep the tradition of helping customs in the most professional and beneficial (to our clients) way possible. Local Service Pro Plumbing benefits from a fantastic reputation on review sites everywhere.

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