Natural Gas Has No Odor

Natural gas is a major supplier of energy to American homes. However, there might be problems with the gas pipelines, faulty installations that can increase the risk of gas leaks. Fortunately, these problems can be fixed easily with early detection and proper handling of your gas pipelines.

Natural gas by itself can’t be noticed. It has no particular odor and the inhalation of it can be very harmful to your health. To eliminate this threat, nowadays all gas suppliers have to add a sulphur-based scent component to the gas, which gives it a strong smell similar to rotten eggs. This way, people can easily tell when they have a leak in their natural gas line.

If you smell natural gas in your home, please refrain from causing any sparks until the issue is resolved for your safety. The stronger the stench of gas is in your area, the more dangerous it becomes. Your Local Neighborhood Plumber has the equipment and know-how to repair and optimize the gas lines, our technicians are trained to safely repair indoor and outdoor gas lines that connect to heating appliances inside of your home.

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