Jonathan Cheever is a snowboarder by winter but his day job happens to be as journeyman plumber by summer! Cheever mixes his snowboarding talent like it’s plumber’s putty, shredding park, pipe and the snowboardcross course. While all of his major results have come from SBX, he’s known for big airs in the halfpipe and credits his SBX speed to knowing how to handle big kickers on the course. Cheever is a bonafide world traveler with nine X Games appearances, two World Championship appearances and many World Cup starts, including a handful of podiums. At X Games Aspen in 2016 Cheever finished second to teammate Nate Holland in the consolation round, placing eighth overall.

Cheever started skiing when he was eight at Nashoba Valley, MA. During Thanksgiving ‘97 his parents had free snowboarding lessons at Attitash Bear Peak in New Hampshire. He jumped on a board and never looked back. Nate Park helped him out quite a bit when the two met in 2004 and he continues to do so. Cheever says he “didn’t know anything about anything until I met that dude.”


When Cheever isn’t on his board, he is also a plumber, which can be difficult since he works 12-hour days and still finds time to stay in shape. The way he sees it, he has no choice. It’s his goal to be at the gym at least five days a week to stay in shape for the upcoming season. Regardless, if an emergency were to ever arise and a dayjob were needed… his fallback is plumbing. His parents run a family owned business and frequently work developing and construction projects in his hometown area. Having a local plumber who can teach you the ins and outs of the slopes is an awesome thing! Luckily, here in Southern California… from Los Angeles to Tarzana to Beverly Hills to Hollywood you can count on Local Service Pro Plumbing to be more than a local plumber… we’re your superheroes just waiting for an opportunity to save the day. Restaurant emergencies, apartment complexes, homes and private residences…. whatever the calling, Local Service Pro Plumbing is here to answer your plumbing emergency!

As you enjoy this edition of the Winter Olympics, be sure to keep us in mind if the need arises!

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