Preventive maintenance to save you money

Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding serious plumbing problems.

If you have ever had to deal with plumbing issues, then you know the headache it can cause if you do not see the issue early on. Larger plumbing jobs should be handled by a professional, but there are some simpler techniques the non-plumber person can handle.

Performing these tasks is a preventative maintenance tactic:

  • Check under sinks and around the toilet regularly. By adding red food coloring to the tank you will be able to trace any problems, if any. After waiting a few hours, if the water is red that means water is seeping through and the tank ball needs to be replaced.
  • Each year be sure to remove and clean your faucet aerators. This ensures an even flow of water.
  • On the bottom of your water heater there is settlement of sediment that accumulates. Drain a gallon or so of the water every three months .
  • While draining the water tank check your flames. They should be blue with yellow tips. It is dangerous if you see the flame being mostly yellow. If so,that means your flue may be clogged.
  • Check and clean your soap drainers.
  • If you have the habit of pouring fats and fatty liquids down the drain, stop. These liquids solidify and can create clogs.
  • Do not reach for chemicals straight away in order to clear clogged sinks. Try a pipe snake or other instrument first.
  • There is a way to maximize the life span of your garbage disposal. Simply run cold water when running it. Additionally, do not overload it and especially do not dispose of bones.
  • Know the basics of your main water shut-off valve! Do you know how to turn off all water flow to your house? If no, find out. In an emergency situation you will need to know. If you are leaving home for a few days you can also turn off the main water supply.

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