Reasons You Should Have a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying A House!

Finding that perfect home for your family is everyone’s dream! But, finding that your new dream home has various plumbing issues, not so dreamy! Having a plumbing inspection before buying your future home is very important and should be one of the first things on your checklist! Check out these top 3 things you should inspect before buying a house!


Plumbing Inspection


  1. Water Leaks

The most obvious signs of having a water leak are seeing signs of mold, wet walls, or humidity in some parts of the ceiling. But, there are some water leaks that are just not that obvious. What can you do? Check your water meter and check the leak indicator to see if it’s moving. In order for this work, you must make sure that no water is being used both inside and outside the house.

After making sure that nobody is using any water from the house, check your water meter. If you see the dial stay still, congrats, you have no visible and invisible leaks! But, if your dial is moving, turns out you may have a leak after all and now your mission is to find it and fix it! If you don’t trust that first meter reading, you can also opt for doing a second one after waiting 1-2 hours. If after this second one you see the dial moving, it can mean you actually do have a leak! It’s better to be safe than sorry when having a plumbing inspection!


  1. Kitchen, Bathroom, & Laundry Inspections

These are really the most important rooms in any home and if your water pressure isn’t right in your bathroom, kitchen, and/or laundry room, it can be a problem. A licensed plumber must check out the piping of every faucet, pressure valves, and most importantly, your bathroom. Improper piping or even leaky faucets can lead to a higher water bill and, no one wants that! Always remember to check these rooms when having a plumbing inspection.


  1. Check Your Water Heater

Nothing is as expensive as finding out that your new home has a faulty water heater and now you have to pay for a new one. Want to avoid this? When looking at your future house, always inspect the water heater and have in mind this checklist:

#1 Does the water heater have any corrosion or rust?

#2 Is this specific water heater brand costly to repair?

#3 Is it easy to maintain?

Maybe checking your water heater may be the last thing on your mind but, never ever buy a house before having a proper plumbing inspection!


Reasons You Should Have a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying A House Review


So whether it’s the first house you buy or you are already an expert in buying and selling, having a plumbing inspection is necessary every time you decide to look for your new future home. For any plumbing needs, contact Local Service Pro Plumbing.

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