Rusty Pipes

More than a cosmetic issue, having rusty pipes is an issue that can lead to serious structural problems for your house. Homeowners need to be aware of rust forming in pipes because this is a progressive issue that can cost a lot of money. Luckily there are several things you can do at home to prevent rusty pipes to become a bigger problem.

To fix this issue there are some tips that could help.

Wire brush: you can scrub the rust off the surface using a wire brush. This doesn’t need the use of chemicals that may result harmful and gives you the same result as using rust removers.

Sand paper: when the problem is still not that big, sandpaper is a good solution to rust issues, also after using wire brush, this helps removing light rust and create a very smooth painting surface.

Magic Eraser: If you have no experience on doing house work, the magic eraser can be a great option, when the problem is not that big yet, you can use this to remove rust, you should first try it on a small part of the pipe to make sure it works well.

Rust Removers: these are chemical agents that will remove rust off your pipes, if you use theme there are a lot of brands that offer a good results for your pipes. It’s always important to ask for help at the store when you are buying it so you won’t be misinformed.

There are a lot of ways of getting rid of rust before it becomes a serious issue but these are some great hacks if you want to do it yourself without any trouble. Rust is the main cause of leaking and filtration and in many situations this is not discovered on time and becomes an expensive issue when it could have been prevented by using this simple tips.

That being said, these tips may not be enough. You may, in fact, increase the likelihood of severe damage down the line. Having pipe problems is never fun. But having pipe troubles at 3 a.m. on a workday is the worst! Luckily, you can count on your Local Neighborhood Plumbing Pro! Not only can we help in those emergencies but we also offer FREE INSPECTIONS! Have a plumbing pro look at it and see what’s best for you!


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