Safety first!

Any repair, small or important, requires, in order to avoid injuries, the right equipment, precautions and knowledge about what we are doing and how to do it in a safe, effective way. Local Service Plumbing Pro excels at this! We pride ourselves as your local neighborhood plumbing solution that services its customers with safety in mind. Here is how.

First, we recommend for you to honestly admit what you can do, and what a professional should help you with. It’s ok and beneficial to understand our limits and let people prepared for those specific tasks we cannot fulfill to do it and thereby avoid us accidents.

Secondly, get to know your house plumbing system and what kind of equipment you can handle and your system requires. Not understanding this may lead to structural damage or bigger problems down the road. Does any plumbing run near gas lines? Or electrical lines? What chemicals are safe for the drain pipes? If they are PVC, can they melt? These questions are very important to understand and emphasize the benefit of having local service plumbing pros get on the job.

Eye protection is a big thing for us. Safety glasses are a must when working with pipes as it is really common for contaminated water to sprinkle while repairing or particles of metal, plastic or waste that could hit your eyes causing infections or serious injuries.

We also emphasize protecting your hands with appropriate work gloves to avoid contact with germs, chemicals or sharp objects that could cause injuries.
Lungs are a must as well when considering safety. Using a face mask in order to prevent breathing dust, chemicals, gas or waste -toxic elements goes a long way for short and long term care.
If you do endeavor to take on tasks yourself, remember, an extra hand is never too much and since two heads think better than one it is easier than to be more cautious while noticing unforeseen dangers.

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