Things you may be doing that damage your bathroom pipes

Bathroom goes hand in hand with privacy. It’s an essential part of the house and because of its relevance you must take care of some bad habits that could affect the pipes.

Here is a list of 5 bad habits that damage your bathroom pipes:

Take your toilet as a trash bin.

It is important to know that toilets are not trash deposits. It is OK to throw toilet paper in the toilet because it is made for it but it is not OK to throw things like feminine products that can’t be flushed down the toilet properly.

Use the bathroom as a sauna

A lot of people love taking long, hot showers because it’s really relaxing after a long day at work. But, the truth is that all that steam can lead to mold development and affects your bathroom. Mold could potentially cause health problems for you and your family. This is easy to prevent by using a fan during or after showers to avoid steam.

Hair down the shower drain

This is very normal, but it’s not good at all. If water takes time draining down the pipes it means that hair, dirt and soap have formed a clog and this obstructs the pipes from draining water. This is the reason why it is important to not let hair go down the pipes. You should always be careful of cleaning all the hair that you leave in the shower.

Hard water

Hard water is created when it exits your shower-head and has contact with rocks and soils. This increases mineral content and causes corrosion over time. A good way to avoid this is using a water softening system.

Using liquid drain cleaners

The corrosive chemicals used to remove clogs from the pipes not only destroy pipes but they are terrible for the environment. The most effective way to unclog your drain is by snaking it out, to do so you should call your local plumber who would help you solve this problem.

Start avoiding these bad habits and we can guarantee that it can prove to be a lot of help in your mission to keep your pipes working correctly as long as possible.


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