This ONE thing can save you thousands of dollars with BEFORE buying a home!

Straight from Zillow, “Standard home inspections do not cover the structural integrity or condition of sewer or septic lines. Having a sewer or septic line inspection prior to purchasing a property is a proactive and innovative approach to make an educated buying decision, plan for upcoming maintenance, budget for necessary repairs, or gain valuable purchase price negotiation.”

Yikes! What’s more, standard inspections often overlook things a local neighborhood plumbing pro won’t. So what things should you look out for when contracting a local plumber to check out your future home?/

Main sewer

Huge check needed next to this guy on your to-do-list! Look, lines deteriorate. It happens. You have no idea how many times we’ve visited a home, unclogged a drain and then performed a camera inspection only to find that the real problem exists further in towards the main. Having a thorough inspection affords you two things principally:

  • You can now renegotiate terms if something serious is discovered
  • You can post or pre negotiation prepare for the cost or prepare the homeowner for the cost

Finding out later simply means YOU will have to figure it out on your own.

Water heaters

Water heater is A-OK! Says who? A licensed, local neighborhood plumber can easily inspect your water heater and offer the necessary recommendations if necessary. The consequences of overseeing the state of a water heater can be dire. Carpets? Ruined. Wood? Damaged. Concrete? Massive discomfort at the very best. The process is simple. It’s worth the investment.


Yes, the fabled throne of mediation. You wouldn’t believe how often this important aspect of a house is overlooked. It looks clean, it looks solid – sold! No way! In fact, one of the most common faults in a toilet is one of the most damaging and overlooked: leaky bases. A leaky base WILL rot your sub-floor at the very least and lead to further problems down the line that go beyond fixing that leak.

The Rundown

Look, investing in a home is a huge step in anyone’s life. And if it’s an investment, it’s still incredibly important to ensure that the right plumbing is in place, leaks are detected, lines are inspected, and equipment is running optimally. It all pays for itself. Give your local neighborhood plumber, Local Service Pros Plumbing, a call. We’d love to help you save on your investment (and we mean more than money, we mean stress and headaches as well)!

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