To waste or not to waste… What shouldn’t we flush?

Yes, getting rid of stuff and not leaving evidence of it is just as easy as flushing it down the toilet, we are so used to it, we never stop and think about what could happen if instead of just disappearing, it stays in our pipes and gets the whole pipe system stuck.

We have to remember and educate our families about what kind of things we can discard by just throwing them in the toilet, and what should take a little more effort, and go in the garbage.

Whenever these not recommended items go to the septic tanks or city waste water, they can cause huge damage, pollution and toxic material spread, and if it stays in our plumbing system, not only will it be embarrassing and annoying but also really expensive to fix.

So here we recommend what we should never flush down the toilet:

  • – Feminine hygiene products
  • – Cooking / grease food
  • – Baby wipes
  • – Dental floss
  • – Q tips or cotton balls
  • – Diapers
  • – Medicine / pills
  • – Paper towels or tissues
  • – Cigarette butts
  • – Any other solid items that could get stuck, just as toys, cards, dead animals (like that golden fish), etc.

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