Water Bill Suddenly Higher than Normal? Time to call a local service pro plumbing expert!

Is your water bill all of a sudden higher than normal? Here are a few possibilities that fit the bill for the most common culprit behind high water bills.


Leaks, whether or not you see or hear them, can produce water loss in the thousands of gallons ranged if left unchecked. Faucets, toilets, taps, irrigation lines among other sources are the usual suspects behind leaks. And while some are easy to detect, many are not. Plumbing services like Local Service Pro Plumbing offer free estimates and come prepared with the necessary equipment to properly search your house for any leaks.

Toilets and Faucet Leaks

Toilets in particular are common sources for leaks and as a result high water bills. A toilet left unchecked and running all day long can easily break the 200 gallon mark per day. Seeing that the average U.S. family consumes about 300 gallons per day on average, a faulty toilet can lead to nearly double the consumption. Don’t be confident in assuming that not hearing the leak means it isn’t there.

Local Service Pro Plumbing Tip:

Take the lid of the tank, flush and let it fill. Add a dye color tablet to the tank and wait at least half an hour. If the bowl shows coloration, you have a leak. This usually works for easy to find small leaks but if in doubt – call an expert and avoid a second expensive water bill.

Irrigation Systems

Summer is rapidly approaching and we all want to keep our greens green! Faulty mechanisms, sprinkler heads, or line leaks can easily turn your garden investment into a headache. Program checks are important but so is inspecting the installation whenever possible. Leaks can easily run through the ground and remain undetected.

Outdoor Leaks

These tend to be more serious than indoor leaks and can lead to plumbing headaches if not attended to. You can check for muddy and wet spots under or around your house but your best bet is to call local service plumbing pro to come check out your lines. With the right machinery, a local plumber will not only detect leaks but also provide you with information necessary to prevent further and more serious damage down the road.

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