Everyone uses gas water heaters. You should too.


Winter is here and having hot water at home is a must! Would you dare to take a bath or a shower with cold water during this winter days? Neither do we! It sounds like ancient torture! That is why nowadays in some countries hot water is considered a luxury that only some have access to, but here in America is a basic need.

Unfortunately the process of heating water uses a lot of energy, which can make our electric bill go through the roof if we use a water heater that uses more energy than others. There are many types in the market: gas heaters, electric heaters and also solar powered. Today we want to share some information about gas heaters and why you should get one today!

Gas heaters are known as “money savers” which is a great perk of it along with other great benefits like taking less time to heat the water. Many home-owners decide to use gas heaters at home rather than electric ones because of its advantages.

Here are the main reasons why you should get a water heater today!

You get more water in less time

We’re talking about 35 — 50% more water in an hour compared to electric ones! This because of its size and capacity.


Money saver!

You save money by using a gas heater because it doesn’t use as much energy as an electric heater. The whole idea of using gas is to reduce the use of energy which can get to be very expensive in some California locations.


They’re cheap!

Gas heaters are less expensive than electric models and will allow you to save money because they can be $1000 less expensive than the electric ones. So, you get all the benefits without spending lots of money.


Power outage doesn’t matter

Another great reason to use gas heaters is that even during a power outage you can still take a nice hot shower! Because they work with gas, not electricity.

Gas heaters are great to use at home! You may think that electric ones are more modern but unfortunately they don’t offer as many benefits as gas heaters.

If you’re thinking about getting one or you already have one, call us to help you out with the installation, maintenance or to guide you to find the best in the market.


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