Filtered water



Even if everybody says that it’s OK to drink water from the tap, there are many risks that we take by doing it. For many years people had to drink tap water without any problems. It’ is no surprise then that some of those people would, out of the blue, start feeling stomach pain. If you drink from an unknown source and feel ill you should definitely check the water you are drinking! Multiple factors can affect what you drink, from the water purity to even the pipes and plumbing that it travels through!

A quick solution to prevent any health problems would be drinking bottled water which could be an OK option but perhaps not the most affordable alternative. We should remember it suggests an extra expense in our budget. Also, like tap water, it can be harmful to your health because it’s been shown in some studies that bottled water can contain more than 80,000 carcinogens which can produce cancer or other types of health issues.

If you want to maintain your health, we suggest using a filter because it is not only easy to install and use but it actually is the least expensive option. Filters are small devices that are installed on your sink. They “cleans out” water from any bacteria or residues that it may contain. As result of this, you get clean water to drink. The price of these filters goes up to $650 but it would also depend on the installer. If you think about it, it’s money well spent. Firstly because you won’t be spending monthly or weekly money on bottle waters. And secondly, you wouldn’t pay large amounts of dollars in hospital bills or medicines coming from a severe health problem caused by drinking water from the tap or a bottle. Filters are great at protecting you and your family from chemicals.

We know that the most important thing for you is to protect your family. Filters allow you to take care of the ones you love without jeopardizing your budget. That being said, plumbing is a HUGE factor as well! When was the last time you had your plumbing looked at? Consider the pipes in your house like a drinking glass. Would you drink from a drinking glass you stumbled onto on the street? No! Don’t do the same with your plumbing. Your local neighborhood plumber is just a call away and Local Service Pro Plumbing is great at consultations!


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