While you can’t prepare for a plumbing emergency, you can definitely prepare for your local neighborhood plumber before they come a knocking! Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your local neighborhood plumber’s next visit!

Prepare Your Motive

It sounds easy to say, “My bathroom is clogged!” or “My sink is overflowing!” but in reality the more detail you provide the more value you get from your local neighborhood plumber! Some things to keep in mind to best explain the situation to your plumber:

  • Is this the first time?
  • Any other areas of the house affected?
  • How long has it been happening?
  • Anything out of the ordinary in your normal routine (visits, parties, etc.)?
  • Where is my water heater, main water valve, and electrical panel located?
  • Have you tried any DIY work on any of the plumbing?

Prepare Your House

Anything that isn’t fixed down to the future work area, should be moved. This prevents clutter that can interfere, more time spent organizing and the risk of breaking anything. This also means… pets! We love our clients and their pets too! But working with them… well… it can get a bit tricky! It’s also beneficial for your pets. Aside from letting your local plumber focus on the problem at hand, it’s also a safety measure as there could be overflow, chemicals and other things that can be hazardous to your pets.

Final Revision

Do a walk through of your entire house just in case! Check all faucets, bathrooms, showers, etc. so that you can not only provide your plumber with much needed details but you can also prevent any further work caused by the originating plumbing emergency. Another thing that might help, especially if you are in an apartment complex, is to ask your neighbors to see if you they are experiencing any irregularities with their plumbing. Especially as managers, tenants can vary on when they choose to notify you of a problem and it is not uncommon for their to be a potential connection between tenants when it comes to plumbing emergencies. Local Neighborhood Plumbing understands how important plumbing is to our clients and we appreciate you considering us for your plumbing emergencies. We work hard to not just be a plumbing service… but instead we aim to be YOUR LOCAL plumber who you know you can count on.

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