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When we need to fix our pipes we can always go to our trusted plumber to help us out, or we can try fixing it on our own. Whatever you choose, we advise you to know about the products used in your home repairs.

Today we would like to let you know about the most common adhesive products used in plumbing. Out there in the market you’ll find an extended variety of adhesives, all used for home repairs, including plumbing. Some of these products are very useful and some others can cause you a lot of trouble if you don’t use them correctly.
All the mentioned above is the reason why we want to share with you a list of common adhesives to fix your pipes in order to have your house plumbing working at its best.

Thread Tape

Also known as PTFE tape, it can be used along with pipe dope. It does not come with special warnings for its use and it’s not harmful at all. Still, it is important to not overwrap the threads with tape because it can cause stress on the female fitting and crack them.

Thread Paste

Its basic function is to seal threaded connections by filling the voids. It is also used to tighten connections. This product is also called “pipe dope” and it can be found in different sizes and brands, you should make sure you are using the correct one for the task you are endeavoring.

Latex and Silicone caulk

it is commonly used to seal fixtures around the areas that should not let the water in. Be careful when using caulk because it cannot be used to seal pipes, usually it is only used for sinks, spouts or even faucets.

Plumber’s putty

Putty should only be used on the underside of something that needs to be compress down like underneath stainless steel sinks to seal them to the counter top. We don’t recommend using it along with caulk on the underside of sink, shower and bathtub drains because it can get very messy and it’s really hard to remove.


use this adhesive when preparing a pipe to be soldered because it helps to clean the pipe and allow the solder to “flow” into the fitting.

These are some adhesives used by plumbers. Before using them make sure that you are getting the appropriate one for the work you will perform. The only person you should get advice about products to fix an issue should be your local plumber, people who aren’t experts on the subject may only misinform you and lead you to a bigger-unrepairable problem. So when in doubt reach out to us, we not only have the experience to help you out but also have vast product knowledge.

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