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Popular social media site Reddit is a massive community of people from all walks of life. About a year ago they had a famous askReddit thread dealing with some local plumbing tips from their users and talked on everything from pipes to flushing to video games. Here are five of our favorites!



Per my dad: Don’t pour grease down the drain.

Wise advice! Absolutely! Grease down the drain today, is going to bring on some pain tomorrow! You can expert some pretty severe clogs. And some hefty plumbing work (which we are totally happy to do… but would rather not have to because we love you).


Periodically drain your hot water tank to remove the sludge at the bottom. Double the life of the unit, cut down the power bill. Go online and read the procedure 🙂

Great advice! Always be careful however when dealing with hot water tanks. The risks are not only for yourself but also for the unit. Improper practices may damage the unit and, even worse, hurt you severely!


Things that look like the flushable wipes your friend uses but don’t specifically say they are flushable wipes, aren’t.

But… but.. it says it’s flushable?! We know. But not all that glitters is gold and not all who wander are lost (Yes, we’re quoting Lord of the Rings now). You have to be careful when dealing with what goes down your toilet. While some flushable wipes are definitely more manageable than your average paper, the problem with clogging is that it isn’t a one or two time thing or event. It’s a slow build up that eventually leads to the perfect setting for a… stoppage. Like this Washington Post article says, “Next time you go to toss that “flushable” wipe in the toilet, you might want to consider a request from your sewer utility: Don’t.”


Know exactly where the main shut-off valve is for the entire house in case you develop a bad leak (or pipe rupture) and can’t find an intermediate shut-off valve to stop it.

Easy, practical and with great returns. This is an absolutely fantastic idea for anyone. When you call your local plumber, the situation will be better managed, there will be less of a disaster and you will save money.


There’s a warp pipe in the 1st and 4th worlds that will save you hundreds of lives.

Critical information! If you’re going to save the princess and play the role of a hero plumber… you’re going to need all the help you can get! Leave it to Reddit to always give us a chuckle!

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