Types of water heaters


Nowadays, there is a great market for finding a vast variety of options to heat water at home. We can find water heaters in a huge range of prices, sizes, shapes, etc. But, as good as having many options can be, we can also face certain difficulties deciding which one is the best for our house. This is why today we especially made a list with four water heaters that are commonly used.

Tank water heater

This heater is the most antique and common. It is not expensive at all! But maintenance cost is a bit high. This water heater uses a lot of energy to heat water at 120 degrees which is a con for this heater because all water that goes through it has to be heated through a slower process.

Tankless heater

Even if you find it a little more expensive than a water heater with a tank, a tankless water heater is great! This heater consumes less energy and as result of it, the costs of maintenance are not as high. Another benefit this heater offers is that it only heats the water when a hot water mechanism is opened, saving you a little bit more money.

Electric Tankless Heater

This one is based on the basics of the gas tankless heater. The only difference is that this one is electric, meaning that it uses energy to operate instead of gas. Some people think the money expense spent on one of these is huge because of the high energy cost. This really just depends on usage and the rate for energy consumption in your area.

Hybrid Water Heaters

This technology is relatively new and it offers many benefits. It uses the ambient air to heat the water. This heater will save you a lot of money because it doesn’t spend as much energy as others.

Solar water heater

The use of solar energy is revolutionizing the world! The solar water heater uses solar collectors that are installed on the roof of your house. This way, the heater heats your water through this device with solar power. It is amazing because you help the earth and also your pocket. The only throwback is a lack of sunlight. Of course, that isn’t a problem in California.

Newer technologies are taking over the water heating business and permitting us to both, save money and help save the planet. If you would like to know more about the best water heater for your home and your pocket, reach out to your local neighborhood plumber.

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