Parties come and go but sometimes what’s left behind is more than a mess… It’s a plumbing emergency waiting to happen! The thing about plumbing emergencies is that when they come… how it happened no longer matters. You’re focused on getting out of the emergency and not so much as to how you got  into it. So, to help you, hopefully, avoid a future plumbing mess here are few simple tips to make sure your next party doesn’t come back and bite you in the copper.

You are what you… drain?

You know how eating junk food is bad for the body? Pouring certain things into your plumbing system is bad for your house! And parties not only bring quantities of people, it brings quantities of junk to drain out. Sticky things like pasta, bones, stringy food, peels, etc. can be easily handled by your garbage disposal but not by your pipes. Sticky things lead to a sticky situation a.k.a emergency plumbing call to your local neighborhood plumber. Toss it in a can so that you don’t provide potential build up in your pipes!

Cut the fat!

It goes without mention that grease and fats do not belong in your pipe-works. Frying up some fish or french fries? Don’t toss that grease down the drain!

Toilet not “Toylet”

Don’t let your guests toss cigarette butts, condoms, sanitary wipes, baby wipes, paper towels, diapers or cotton swabs/balls down the toilet! Sounds crazy? It happens. And it’s not worth it. In fact, keep what you can from the public eye to ensure it doesn’t happen. If someone has a spill in the bathroom sink, they may feel inclined to flush it out of awkwardness or embarrassment or who knows what the reason but it does happen.

Find your Valves!

Just in case, know where your shut-off valves are. If worse comes to worst, you can at least mitigate the problem by not letting things keep on flowing.

If you must

If you do have a slow drain, it’s more likely than not a clog. A clog can be remedied by using chemicals but you have to make sure that they are compatible with your plumbing infrastructure. Some chemicals, despite what their labels  say, are too hard and can lead to disastrous consequences. In fact, if you are in doubt… call a local neighborhood plumbing expert! We’re here to help!

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