How to remove bathroom caulk in 4 easy steps

Everyone enjoys the sense of cleanness when using the bathroom. Unfortunately, caulk can take that nice sensation away because it makes any space look dirtier and older than it really is. That is why we advise to get rid of it for good with a detailed process that you should perform several times a year. Remember: to avoid caulk it is important to clean your tiles and bathtub constantly.

Here we show you 4 simple steps you should follow to remove caulk completely from your bathroom in no time.

Step 1: Softening

This will make easier for you to do a deep cleaning and forget about caulk. Just Apply caulk remover(there are different brands for you to choose from at your local store) to soften it. After applying it, you should wait two hours before start working on it but it’s advisable to wait up to 24 hours.


Step 2: Remove it

Now that caulk is soft, it would be easier to remove it! You should avoid using knives or other tools that could damage your tiles and bathtub. Instead, use a remover tool that you can find at any hardware store.


Step 3: Cleaning

After removing the caulk, the cleaning part is much easier. Even if it was not completely removed, you can use an old toothbrush to remove the remains and with this you’ll get the results that you are expecting.


Step 4: Sterilization

This last step is very important. You must apply alcohol to the areas where caulk was and after drying, wash it up with a bleach and solution. This will help to prevent any type of mold and bacteria to develop in the future.

You should take care of caulk before it damages your bathroom and makes it look unclean.
Don’t forget that if you need a hand with something that’s more complicated than removing caulk you can always count on us! When it comes to plumbing you can always trust your local neighborhood plumber, give us a call for a free consultation.

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